SINKUNG Ecommerce Logistics Sdn Bhd is a strong player in third party fulfillment and logistics in Malaysia. We have assisting Small and Medium enterprises (SMEs) across a wide range of industries to maximize the efficiency of their supply chain operations. With the ability to provide warehousing, pick/pack fulfillment, delivery services and complete logistics solutions, we can truly act as your business logistics arm for supply chain management.

We support fulfillment requirement of companies from domestic and international business community for their logistics activity in Malaysia. Whether the requirement are for business-to-business fulfillment, direct delivery to consumers, or retail channel distribution, we will get the packages there quickly, accurately and at lower cost.



Our Fulfillment Services


Pick, Pack and Ship Fulfillment

Services includes pick, pack and ship direct to consumer (B2C), as well as business to business (B2B) distribution. Our integrated services include the warehousing, fulfillment and delivery services of all kind products and materials.


Bulk Fulfillment

Through our warehousing network and local transportation capabilities, we can store and transport bulk quantities of our customers product and material. Full pallet of materials can be loaded onto our trucks and transported to various manufacturing and sales destinations.


Custom Fulfillment

For customers requiring a high degree of customization, we offer custom fulfillment services within our facility. This services operate by dedicated staff focusing on the needs of specific customer or a small group of customers with a similar needs.


Packaging and Assembly

We provide assembly solutions that performed in-house and include Build to Stock support for large and low volume assembly runs and Build to Order, support where finished product is built directly during the fulfillment process.



Outsourcing Fulfillment Process
Focus on growing your business
Scale your order fulfillment to match your growth
Reduce your fixed cost related to logistics activity
How It Works

Receipt of Product

Every item receive will go thru counting and checking process in order to maintain optimum inventory accuracy. We also check for any delivery discrepancy (short or damage) upon receive clients product.

We measure, weight and record all products detail upon arrival Stock can be sent directly from supplier or manufacturer.

Product Storage

Product are kept in the most appropriate location type based on size, weight, product type and demand frequency.

Collation of Orders

At every cut off time, we will consolidate order that receive from clients thru ow Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Picking and Packing

In order to ensure efficiency and quality of warehouse processes, pick and pack activity will carry out according to type of products. We employ warehouse technology that can ensure highest picking accuracy and cost effective packing activity.



Use a range of courier provider, we choose the best delivery service depending on the consignment's size, weight and delivery lead time requirement. This is to ensure clients always get the best price.