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Moving of Heavy Machineries
Our capability in handling sensitive machineries




Another member of Sinkung family (Sinkung Heavy Machineries), which specializes in the packing and moving of industrial heavy machinery like aircraft engine. We are offering 50 forklifts and 20 mobile hydraulic cranes and low loader and lowbed trucks to handle any cargo weighing up to 300 tonnes. These special handling and positioning equipments are used to manipulate heavy machinery like aircraft engine which is in a care demanding situations. We allocate a well-trained team of specialist to complete this demanding task. We are able to present to you the following equipments:

  • Rough terrain mobile crane
    (65 tons)
  • Hydraulic truck crane
    (5 tons)
  • Low lowder & lowbed trucks
    (16 wheels - 2 axles, 20 wheels - 3 axles)